Street Fighter: Resurrection is a highly ambitious, action packed, live-action mini series which serves as a narrative prologue to the events of Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter: Resurrection was announced during the Capcom Cup 2015. Capcom announced that the team behind the hit live action series, Street Fighter: Assassins’ Fist, will be working on a special Street Fighter V webseries for Machinima, titled Street Fighter: Resurrection! The debut teaser trailer can be seen below:

“With the new game coming out and interest from both Machinima and Capcom for me to make a tie in, I couldn’t pass up such an exciting prospect to leap forward a decade after the events of Assassin’s Fist and write and direct a very contemporary part of the SF mythos. Featuring old faithful characters and brand new ones. The same level of detail and authenticity has gone into SFR as it has SFAF. I want to also address the subject of STREET FIGHTER: WORLD WARRIOR. Your passion and demand for seeing the direct narrative follow up to SFAF is understandable and heart warming. I spent most of this year completing detailed story development and structure for World Warrior. To pull together a production of that huge scale takes time. So rest assured SFWW is still coming! and to fill the gap until it is ready, you have SFR to look forward to. Trust me it will Shun Goku Satsu your senses.” 

Joey Ansah


Street Fighter: Resurrection will release in March 2016!


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