Shattered is a fighting game being developed by Team 18k, a group of Dutch fighting game and game design enthusiasts.

Shattered sports nostalgic low-res artwork, and tries to emulate a more traditional gameplay akin to the old school fighting games of the ’90s. Team 18k just released a sprite for their upcoming character Ushah which has been in development for quite some time and now is finally finished. Team 18K showcased some Ushah gameplay during this years Red Fight Disctrict, but the sprite wasn’t ready at that moment so poor Julia was just punching a Block, it was funny and pretty hard to fight Ushah. You can see some footage of Julia VS The Block below:


Ushah Airad:

Ushah is a fast-paced grappling character that employs his steam cannon to shoot short range projectiles. He also uses his metal arm to hit his opponent with powerful armored normal attacks. Ushah can be used as a fast and aggressive grappler, but also as a methodical wall of normals, keeping the opponent just where he wants them (in the corner!).


Team 18K  is currently planning out the visuals of Ushah’s moves and shared a concept drawing of Ushah using his command grab on Shattered’s first character Julia.


The team behind Shattered currently consists of four proud Dutch fighting game and game design enthusiasts.

  • FTPlus, Programmer
  • Phoenix, Gameplay designer & Scripter
  • Bob Sagat, Animator
  • Coal, Gameplay designer & Art director

For more information on Shattered you can follow Shattered and Team 18K on Facebook and Twitter.

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