The upcoming live-action Street Fighter series, Street Fighter: Resurrection has finished filming and now enters its post production process.

UPDATE/ The 2nd official SFR still has been released: Charlie Nash is back from the dead in ‘Street Fighter: Resurrection’. His vengeance is unstoppable.


Original story continues…

The news has been shared on the Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist facebook page by series director Joey Ansah, who also portrays Akuma in SFAS.


“And that’s an official wrap on ‘Street Fighter: Resurrection’ ! The last day of filming saw a legendary character grace the cameras for the first time. Was awesome to behold. The cast and crew were amazing and pushed it to the limit each and every day. Now the post production process begins… Can’t wait for you to all see what I’ve been cooking!”

~ Joey Ansah

Who is this legendary character Joey Ansah speaks of? We’ll find out once Street Fighter: Resurrection releases in March 2016.


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