sfu2headUDON’s second issue of Street Fighter Unlimited will release next Wednesday and follows up on the story of the first issue. Join Guile and his friends on their hunt for the truth about Gill’s Secret Society and the disappearing of Chun-Li.

As it turns out the Bison we met in the first issue wasn’t exactly the Bison we wanted, Well-known shapeshifter Twelve, the ultimate result of Gill’s “G-Project,” a biological warfare operation headed by Dr. Kure and overseen by Gill’s brother, Urien was the one posing as Bison in the end of the first issue. This means that the Secret Society has taken over control of Shadaloo and are in possession of the missing Chun-Li.

Guile and Cammy discover that multiple high ranking figures have been duplicated by the Secret Society and infiltrated their organizations, meddling in the investigation on the Secret Society, Shadaloo and the disappearing of Chun-LI, there’s only one thing left the do, follow the money.

When it comes down to money there’s always one particular person who sure loves some, Balrog, who has been the chief executive of Shadaloo’s “Legitimate” financial operations since the fall of Bison. Guile calls in a favor of a well-known character from the series and from there on everything takes a turn for the worst when Balrog decides that having a “Legitimate” business works quite well with a fierce beating.

After Balrog’s humiliating defeat Guile discovers that another Shadaloo operative is in play and leaves for Spain, we all know who will be waiting for him there.. right.


As with the previous UDON comics the pages are illustrated beautifully by artist Joe Ng, who delivers some of his best work in the Street Fighter Comics to date. Writer Ken Siu-chong does another good job at keeping us interested and next to the main story he also writes another 4 page bonus-story, illustrated by Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz  focused solely on Necro and Effie.

Street Fighter Unlimited #2 is pre-orderable now at comic specialty retailers everywhere. Joining the regular team of writer Ken Siu-chong and artist Joe Ng, is long-time UDON artist Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz illustrating a 4-page bonus story. This second issue’s standard covers  include CVR A (Story cover) by Gonzalo “Genzoman” Ordonez Arias, and CVR B (Ultra Jam variant) which continues the 12-part connecting image drawn by Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz.

This second issue also features two retailer incentive covers. CVR C (Homage variant) features wraparound artwork by Edwin Huang, paying tribute to a classic comic cover from the 1990’s (Jim Lee’s X-Men). CVR D (Street Fighter V variant) by artist Steven “Kandoken” Mack showcase’s the villainous M.Bison in his new Street Fighter V form.

Comic book specialty retailers everywhere are now taking pre-orders for Street Fighter Unlimited #2, which will release Jaunary 20, 2016. Head in to your local comics retailer to reserve your copy now, or find a comic shop near you by using www.comicshoplocator.com.

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