49327e51-72f3-4c94-afd6-33d4fff27133Capcom drops another remastered version of one of their top selling games. Resident Evil 0 HD is available now and gives you more details on the events which led to the brilliant “Resident Evil”.

Resident Evil 0 is a precursor to Resident Evil where you play as Rebecca, the young S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team member who is sent along side her comrades to investigate a series of murders in the Arklay Mountains outside of Raccoon City. After her helicopter crashes and she is split up from the rest of her team, Rebecca meets ex-Marine Billy Coen, who was being escorted on a military police transporter after being convicted and sentenced to death for killing 23 people. The unlikely duo must team up in order to survive and find out the truth behind the Arklay Mountain murders.

Resident Evil 0 HD originally launched back in 2002 on the Nintendo Game Cube and later in 2008 on the WII and builds up to the events transpired in the original and best Resident Evil game, the original Resident Evil. Resident Evil 0 wasn’t the best game in the series to start with but, Capcom did a great job updating both the visuals and the controls. Like with the previous released Resident Evil HD you are able to use a more shooter orientated control layout instead of the original controls, you can switch between these if you want. Resident Evil 0 HD features a widescreen display and while this looks better on modern televisions it also reduces your sight, some objects are better seen in the original display mode, again you can switch between these modes.


Resident Evil 0 HD looks beautiful on the current-gen consoles and PC, but unfortunately Capcom only upgraded the in game visuals and left the CG cutscenes as they were back in 2002. The game definitely looks much better than it ever did and with the updated controls it plays like a charm. I truly believe this is the best version of the game available up to date.

There’s just one problem, Resident Evil 0 wasn’t that good to begin with, the game has a pretty blunt story line and I’ve never come to appreciate the main characters Billy and Rebecca. The battles are forgettable and the story doesn’t add much to the franchise. The game still is enjoyable enough to give it a go.

There are some great things happening in Resident Evil 0, you can switch between Billy and Rebecca and some puzzles(most of them) require you to do so. The characters are both unique and you’ll find it compelling to play as both. Billy, the tattooed strong fella is just that, he’s strong. When playing as Billy you can take more damage and move heavy objects to clear puzzles and reach previously out of reach objects/areas. Rebecca on the other hand is a bit weaker but, she can mix herbs. Both characters have a limited storage space and unlike other Resident Evil games you don’t have access to a storage box in this game. Item management is key.


After spending enough hours on Resident Evil 0 HD, due to multiple deaths, and completing the story it’s time for the best part of the remaster, “Wesker Mode”. Wesker Mode is an unique feature only available in Resident Evil 0 HD and features series bad guy Albert Wesker. In this mode you’ll play the story mode where Wesker trades places with Billy. Wesker can use his superhuman powers, including the ability to quickly dash across the room, and use a special energy attack to decapitate zombie’s. Unlike Billy and Rebecca he has almost no limitations. He can mix herbs and is strong. Billy is still present in cutscenes, as is his voice, which is a bit of a letdown.

Resident Evil 0 HD is available as of  today. Digitally on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Playstation 3, and Steam for $19.99. If you are looking for a physical version, you can pick up Resident Evil Origins Collection on Xbox One, and Playstation 4 which also includes the remake of Resident Evil for $39.99.

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