UDON has revealed the retail covers for the fifth issue of Street Fighter Unlimited.

UDON welcomes Edwin Huang as the new lead artist on the monthly Street Fighter Unlimited comic series. Edwin is well known as the penciler for the fan-favorite Image Comics series Skullkickers and recently wrapped up a successful stint on Archie Comics’ Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man comics. Edwin is also the designer of Pop Culture Shock Toys’ upcoming line of Street Fighter V 1/6 scale statues.

Edwin’s art will be headlining the series for four issues, starting with Street Fighter Unlimited #5. This issue sees Ryu, desperate to control the dark forces within him, seeking out a new master – the ancient hermit Oro! Plus, in a special bonus story illustrated by Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz, Oro is paid a visit by another student of the Ansatsuken martial arts – the deadly Akuma!

Street Fighter Unlimited #5 features two standard covers by Gonzalo “Genzoman” Ordóñez Arias and Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz, as well as two special incentive variants.

SFU5_CVRA_Story SFU5_CVRB_Ultrajam

Joe Vriens provides the CVR C homage variant, which calls back to a classic 1990s comic event, while Steve “Kandoken” Mack provides a Street Fighter V variant featuring the game’s fierce new Brazilian fighter – Laura Matsuda!

SFU5_CVRC_Homage SFU5_CVRD_Incentive

Comic book specialty retailers everywhere are now taking pre-orders for Street Fighter Unlimited #5. Head in to your local comics retailer to reserve your copy now.


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