The legendary fighting franchise returns with a brand-new addition to their numbered series, Street Fighter V. The franchise has made a lasting impact on me and hopefully, the community and its newcomers will get the same treatment. Your path to greatness begins here.

Street Fighter V marks the start if a new era for Capcom and the game’s community. Fighting games were presumed dead for a long, long time and Capcom’s Street Fighter IV revived the genre and made its community grow beyond everyone’s imagination. Fighting games are relevant again. Mortal Kombat is back from the Netherrealm and bigger and better than ever, with huge tournaments, lots of prize money and sponsor deals. Games like, BlazBlue and Guilty Gear each have a solid player base and new IP’s are welcomed with open arms. Things are looking good for the FGC. Now it’s time for Street Fighter to rise up! Street Fighter revived the scene and now it’s Capcom’s unofficial job to keep it alive and grow even further.
Capcom is looking to reset the playing field with Street Fighter V, so that it’s approachable whether you’re new or old to the series. Street Fighter isn’t a series where every new game is just a copy or expansion of the previous entry. Street Fighter II was different from Street Fighter, Street Fighter III was different from Street Fighter II, and so on. Street Fighter V offers its own unique flavor and while some will love it others won’t. Street Fighter V might feel like a dumbed down version of Street Fighter IV , one of the biggest fighting games in history, it also adds a lot of new and enjoyable features.

The most important part of a fighting game is the fighting itself. Like in previous Street Fighter titles, the fighting mechanics have been tuned to perfection. The game feels brand-new and much more faster and fierce than its predecessors. Capcom has completely changed the flow of the game’s offense and focuses on shorter strings with lower execution barriers. In Street Fighter IV the hardest string to perform was a 1 Frame link. In Street Fighter V the hardest string is a 3 Frame link, these are much easier to execute for newcomers and Street Fighter veterans.

Street Fighter V features some new game mechanics which have replaced the well-known mechanics used in Street Fighter IV. SFIV’s Focus Attack and Ultra Combo’s have made room for the brand-new V-Skill, V-Trigger and V- Reversal mechanics.

Pressing Hard Punch and Hard Kick at the same time when your V-Gauge is at MAX unleashes a character specific action. Whether it is a super special attack, a teleport, or a power-up for a limited time, this trump card can greatly change the course of a match. Use it to your advantage to make a comeback on your opponent.

Pressing Medium Punch and Medium Kick at the same time performs a utility action that is unique to the character. For example: some characters gain new movement abilities, while some are able to nullify projectiles and attacks.

Press Forward and all three Punch OR Kick buttons, depending on your character, while guarding your opponent’s attack to spend one stock of V-Gauge and release a counterattack. The type of counterattack varies depending on your selected character.

Single player

Street Fighter V offers a few single player game modes; Tutorial mode for first time fighters, Character Story mode where players can begin to explore the background of their favorites, Survival mode where more experienced World Warriors can test their strengths, facing competitor after competitor and Training Mode. Unfortunately, the single player content is lacking in both depth and its total duration.

The tutorial mode teaches you the basics of Street Fighter V and not much more. This tutorial is mandatory for all newcomers to fighting games. However, if you have picked up any Street Fighter game the last 29 years of its existence you’re good to go.

The well-known Arcade Mode has been replaced by the brand-new Character Story Mode. There are 16 Character Stories which are interesting and entertaining, but are too short compared to the well-known Arcade Mode. Each Character Story will let you fight one round against 2-4 enemies and can be completed within a very limited period of time. You’ll start each fight with a full EX and V-Gauge. This makes fighting the CPU a whole lot easier and downright boring. Each individual character story provides important background information on each of the characters, their roles in the game, and their relationships with other fighters. The character stories have a recognizable throwback art style created by Bengus, a famous Japanese illustrator who has worked on a variety of past Street Fighter projects. The character stories serve as a compelling prologue for the Street Fighter V cinematic story expansion, which will be released in June 2016 as a free update to all players. By playing through each character’s individual storyline, the alternate costumes will become available in the shop, but you can’t buy them until the shop opens in March. Completing any Character Story will level your fighter to level 8 and will earn you 10.000 Fight Money. By completing all 16 Character Stories you will obtain 160.000 Fight Money which will be enough for the First post-launch character, Alex.

In Survival Mode your health and EX Gauge carry over between each match against the CPU. You are able to earn points with each victory, which can in turn be used to purchase special power ups, such as health or attack or defense increases, and more, to help you last longer. Purchasing more power ups reduces your overall score though. By clearing the four difficulty levels of Survival Mode, you’ll be able to earn new colors and in-game titles for your character. The easy version of Survival lets you battle 10 enemies, Normal will have 30 enemies, Hard will put you against 50 enemies and last but not least Hell/Hardcore will feature 100 enemies.

Training mode offers you a playground to test all your setups, mix-ups, combo’s and basic understanding of your character. The training mode has more options than ever and makes use of the DS4 touchpad. Training mode is one of the most important game modes in the whole game. I like to go into training mode with my character and set the battle settings to ranked. I can test my character and train while Ranked Matches will pop-up every now and then.

The single player content is limited and after you’ve completed the tutorial, Character Story and Survival there isn’t much to go back to. In my opinion the Character Stories could have been longer and featured more than the 2-4 fights they feature now. Having no Challenge/Trial mode and bonus stages at your disposal is one of the game’s biggest let downs. However there is more single player content planned, this content will be available free of charge on a later date.

590e1e8d9d67837636874ee4fe89a080The free updates planned for March and June include the Cinematic Story Mode and Challenge mode. Challenge Mode will be the first of the free expansions and will be available in March. Challenge Mode consists of 4 sub-modes, each of which has been designed to help you improve your skills and gameplay:

Battle Tips – Learn the ins and outs of Street Fighter V through helpful demonstration and tutorial content. Contains content for each of the 16 characters, as well as advice geared towards all levels of players.
Trials – Put your skills to the ultimate test with combo trials for all 16 characters, ranging from basic to pro combos.
Targets – Complete daily renewing goals to earn fight money, in-game titles, and other cool content.
Extra Battle – Fight against special CPU bosses in the ultimate challenge. Earn in-game rewards upon completion.

The Street Fighter V cinematic story expansion will be released in June 2016 as a free update to all players. The story takes place between Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter III and bridges the events that happen in between the two stories. This is the first time in franchise history that we will be able to play through this type of cinematic story experience in a Street Fighter game.

For a first look at the Street Fighter V story elements, check out the story expansion teaser trailer below:


This is where Street Fighter shines brightest, as it should be. Street Fighter has always been a competitive game and Street Fighter V looks to further improve on that concept. For the first time in any fighting game, players from the Playstation 4 version can fight against PC warriors. SFV’s multiplayer features a limited amount of modes. You’ll have acces to Ranked Matches, where you can earn League Points to move up the worldwide rankings. Or you could participate in Casual online battles with players around the world. League Points are not impacted by the outcome of these battles.

I didn’t encounter any major issues in the time I have had with SFV’s multiplayer. However, there were a lot of rage quitters, who were scared to lose their pre-earned league points. If there’s one thing I would like for Capcom to improve or add in that matter it would be a penalty similar to Mortal Kombat’s Quitality. I’m not saying they should destroy the quitter, but there should be a penalty.

Street Fighter looks better than ever with beautiful animations and fireballs with lots, and lots of particles. Every punch and kick has a lasting impact and connects with devastating force and sound. This is Street Fighter’s first real entry on the current generation of consoles and it looks and feels that way. SFV truly is the next generation of Street Fighter.

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