lauraBafael kept dishing out Combo Guides for Street Fighter V’s Warriors based on the third beta and their highly educational. Now, since Street Fighter V’s release he’s starting with more guides. Earlier today, he added footage focused on newcomer Laura Matsuda to his excellent playlist aimed at helping newcomers and veterans alike get a head start once the game releases.

As with his previous videos in his Bread and Butter series, Bafael lays out easy options for anti-airs, go-to punish combos, Crush Counter combos and more. If you’re considering picking up Laura Matsuda once Street Fighter V drops this guide will be a good start of your journey.

Below you can find a small portion of the written tutorial with notes and damage values, you can get a full version here.

Anti airs:

HP bolt charge – You really couldn’t ask for anything better than this. Upper body invincibility, knockdown, high damage, large hitbox. One of the best AA’s out there.
st. MP – less risky than HP bolt charge from afar, where if the opponent empty jumps, HP bolt whiffs and is punishable while st. MP whiffs harmlessly.
jump back LP (/LK) – good for close anti airs. Comes out very quickly. If you’re sufficiently close you can walk under then st. MP but it might trade.

Due to the nature of Laura’s super I don’t imagine you can possibly land it off an anti air.

Punish combos:

You can end MP bolt charge combos with Rodeo Break (kick) or Split River (punch). The damage and stun are identical so use whichever gives you better screen position. Punch changes sides and kick doesn’t.

cr. HP xx MP bolt charge xx Rodeo Break (216 damage, 315 stun) – very easy simple punish combo.
f+HP xx HP xx HP bolt charge (254, 370) – Significantly more damage but significantly more startup.
cr. HP xx EX clap, cr. HK (251, 351) – Only slightly more damage than her meterless cr. HP combo and less than her f+HP meterless one, but you can do this after jump ins and v-trigger so it’s worth knowing.
cr. HP xx HP thunder clap xx CA (424, 204) – Doesn’t work from afar so you have to go straight from cr. HP to CA, which only does 405

Crush counter punishes:

st. HP xx f+v-skill, cr. HP xx MP bolt charge xx rodeo (288, 460) – A consistent CC punish that works on all characters.
st. HP xx f+v-skill, cr. HP xx clap xx CA (470, 363)
st. HP xx MP clap (or HP, depends on char), cr. HP xx MP bolt charge xx rodeo (318, 479) – the clap hits delayed here, enabling linking afterward. This is a semi-character specific combo, see the notes below
st. HP xx MP clap (or HP, depends on char), cr. HP xx HP clap xx CA (474, 396)

You can do st. HP into medium clap on R. Mika, Karin, Ryu, Nash, Ken, Bison, Cammy, Vega, Dhalsim, and F.A.N.G. On the remaining characters, Rashid, Zangief, Chun-Li, Laura, Birdie, and Necalli, that doesn’t work, but you can use HP clap instead and then do the same combos.


These Combo Guides will be an excellent starting point for newcomers and Street Fighter veterans.

Street Fighter V is out now on Playstation 4 and PC.


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