Bafael kept dishing out Combo Guides for Street Fighter V’s Warriors based on the third beta and their highly educational. Now, since Street Fighter V’s release he’s starting with more guides. Earlier today, he added footage focused on Zangief to his excellent playlist aimed at helping newcomers and veterans alike get a head start once the game releases.

As with his previous videos in his Bread and Butter series, Bafael lays out easy options for anti-airs, go-to punish combos, Crush Counter combos and more. If you’re considering picking up The Red Cyclone once Street Fighter V drops this guide will be a good start of your journey.

Below you can find a small portion of the written tutorial with notes and damage values, you can get a full version here.

Anti airs:

Lariat – Gief’s main AA. Good damage, knockdown, and seems to shrink his hurtbox. Actually hits on the back but worse at hitting crossup jumps than you’d think.
cr. HP – Very tall and decently powerful. Doesnt’ shrink his hurtbox and bad at hitting directly over his head as it moves forward somewhat. Less committal than Lariat when anti airing from afar.
st. LP – Really tall hitbox, great for pre-empting crossups and preventing corner escape. Works from closer than his cr. HP. Doesn’t shrink his hurtbox and somewhat unrewarding. Fundamentally important as it’s his best AA when close (where his mixup works) and it keeps opponents in the corner (unlike lariat)
st. HK – Doesn’t shrink his hurtbox but tall enough to anti air pre-emptively and can crush counter. Juggle to another st. HP, lariat, or air EX SPD from easiest and least rewarding to hardest and most rewarding.

Gief doesn’t particularly need a jump back AA because jab is fine for anti airing close jumps. He can also anti air with a quick jump EX air SPD but it’s difficult to get it out in time.

Punish combos:

HP SPD (240 damage, 250 stun) – A pretty strong punish and pretty straightforward. Doesn’t work after jump in attacks and stuff so you need…
f+HP, st. LK xx lariat (207, 423) – Good for after jump ins. You have to hold forward for the lariat to reach. It’s worth noting this also does significantly more stun.
f+HP, cr. MP xx CA (474, 290) – Best super combo I could come up with. Spin fast!

Crush counter punishes:

st. HP, (walk in?) HP SPD (336, 405) – How far you need to move is based on your starting range.
st. HP, MK running bear grab (300, 360) – easier and has more corner carry (important!) but does noticably less damage.
st. HP, (walk in) f+HP, cr. MP xx CA (538, 440)

(from afar)
st. HP, (walk in) cr. HK (210, 315) – Gief has a really hard time converting a CC punish from afar.
st. HP, v-trigger (maximum hold), st. HP (charged) (355, 520) – a good conversion from max range but resource heavy
st. HP, v-trigger (maximum hold), EX air SPD (404, 520) – even more resource heavy
st. HP, v-trigger (no hold), CA (440, 180) – uses 2 more bars than previous combo but keeps v-trigger as a resource. Potentially useful in heavy fireball matchups like Ryu, but usually unoptimal compared to the previous combo.

These Combo Guides will be an excellent starting point for newcomers and Street Fighter veterans.

Street Fighter V is out now on Playstation 4 and PC.


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