fangheadBafael kept dishing out Combo Guides for Street Fighter V’s Warriors based on the third beta and their highly educational. Now, since Street Fighter V’s release he’s starting with more guides. Earlier today, he added footage focused on newcomer F.A.N.G to his excellent playlist aimed at helping newcomers and veterans alike get a head start once the game releases.

As with his previous videos in his Bread and Butter series, Bafael lays out easy options for anti-airs, go-to punish combos, Crush Counter combos and more. If you’re considering picking up newcomer F.A.N.G in Street Fighter V this guide will be a good start of your journey.

Below you can find a small portion of the written tutorial with notes and damage values, you can get a full version here.

Anti airs:

st. MK – better at hitting far away jumps that cr MK will whiff on, but doesn’t shrink his hurtbox meaning it relies on counter hitting their air normals. It’s so tall it’s still quite good at that.
cr. MK – hits pretty far out and decently above his head, seems to completely recess his upper body hurtbox. Precise to time.
cr. HP – Removes some of his upper body hurtbox, hits quite far above his head but not behind him. Somewhat precise. It does 90 damage naturally but can be cancelled to LK Ryobenda for poison, EX nishikyu for damage, or super for a high damage juggle. You can also cancel the 2nd hit into LK/MK nikankyaku which gives a nice tricky left/right mixup, or even an HK ryobenda I guess.
jump back LP (/LK) – Good for close anti airs. Very fast and unpredictable.

Punish combos:

st. HK, cr. MP xx LP sotoja (173 damage, 400 stun) – You can just do HP into HP sotoja if HK is too slow (like after j.MK or in punishes)

Fang’s 1 bar combos don’t add significant damage or dizzy. He has a two bar ender he can use but the damage addition isn’t worth two bars most of the time.

st. HP xx EX ryobenda, EX sotoja (260, 530)
st. HP xx HP sotoja xx CA (398, 330) – You can do this from his above punish combo but it’s best to keep the super as early as possible for scaling reasons.

Crush counter punishes:

st. HP xx LK nikankyaku, st. HP xx HP sotoja (253, 475)
st. HP xx LK nikankyaku, st. HP xx HP sotoja xx CA (455, 475)
st. HP xx LK nikankyaku, st. HP xx trigger, st. HK, cr. MP xx LP sotoja (305, 581)

Doing v-trigger+CA is not significantly stronger than a triggerless CA combo.


These Combo Guides will be an excellent starting point for newcomers and Street Fighter veterans.

Street Fighter V is out now on Playstation 4 and PC.


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