StreetfightervCapcom is back with another update on Street Fighter V’s servers.

After a troubled launch, Street Fighter V’s servers are updated regulary and they have improved quite a bit. Capcom shared another update on the fixes implemented on their servers.


Matchmaking for Ranked and Casual is stable and is working as intended for most users. Some additional tweaks were made to the servers overnight, so players should actually be getting matches at a much faster rate now as well.

Capcom does understand this is not the case for everyone, and the amount of matches a user gets can vary by region.

If you’re still having issues with Ranked or Casual matchmaking (long waits, unable to connect), please tweet to @SFVServer with your Fighter ID and provide as much detail as possible (location, platform, etc).

Battle Lounge

Capcom understands some users are still running into issues with Battle Lounges. We’ll be working on implementing fixes to this feature into the weekend. Again, this only affects some users so don’t be discouraged from checking this mode out and getting some matches in with friends!

Fighter ID Search

There were issues in the past day or so where newly created Fighter IDs were not showing up in the search. This issue has been resolved and newly created Fighter IDs will be available to search within 30 minutes of creating the account.

Capcom will be continuing to work over the weekend to implement more improvements, so once again, follow @SFVServer on Twitter for more updates and tweet with any feedback.


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