Tiny Troopers - Joint Ops 1050x450Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops is an epic, bite-sized twin stick arcade shooter, filled to the max with action-packed mini maps of mayhem, a story mode and Zombies!!

The Tiny Troopers are deploying on your favorite gaming system in this joint ops pack of the shooter phenomenon that combines both Tiny Troopers and Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops campaigns in one action-packed game. And action you’ll get in this top down twin stick arcade shooter. What’s an twin stick arcade shooter i hear some ask, the controls are simple, using only the sticks, one for movement the other for aiming and shooting, no hard button combos or advanced zooming options, just look at what you want to shoot or blow up!!

Tiny Troopers - The Squad

The game comes with three modes to play, the soldier campaign, special ops campaign and zombie survival. There are 50+ missions between the two campaigns, i.e. Soldier campaign and Special Ops campaign and the zombie survival has several maps, so a full packed game with loads of fun.

In the soldier campaign you follow your squad through several missions and get to know your soldiers, if they survive long enough they rank up, thus getting stronger, if a soldier falls in battle you can revive them using medals, although these medals have to be found throughout the different missions. Regardless of mode or difficulty level, the goal is simple shoot to kill but not on all that moves, chickens and villagers give you minus points, and complete the missions to unlock more of them. Before diving in, check out the brief but helpful tutorial mode, doing so not only nets you one of the easiest Achievement/Trophy you’ll ever earn, but it shows you pretty much everything you need to know to play the game.

Tiny Troopers Upgrade Screen

For almost everything you do you get rewarded with command points, this is the main currency, which can be used to order supply drops during a mission, such as a health pack, air strike, grenades, and so on, to buy weapon upgrades or other armors for your troops. The more upgrades the stronger and more resistant your troops will become. Then there are medals that you can collect throughout the game, these are a bit harder to find but are worth allot. These medals are used to revive your fallen soldiers or to unlock specific soldiers which can be hired for the duration of mission, these can be a medic or a heavy trooper and more.

Tiny Ttroopers Gameplay

And then there are zombies in Xombieone, did i mention that before? This contains several little game modes, one of them, my favorite, Operation: Zombie Storm which is a wave survival, hordes of zombies will come at you and you need to survive as long as possible. And it will become total chaos, zombies everywhere, small ones big ones and chickens, yes zombie chickens are real! Another mode with loads of chickens is ZFC where you have to get from the starting area to the extraction point, sounds easy right, whell not when there are hordes of hungry zombie chicken coming at you, and they explode on impact!

Tiny troopers Joint Op became available on playstation 3,4 and vita on November 18, 2014 but will be available on Xbox one on February 26, 2016

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