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Challenging and captivating turn based match-3-variation Ironcast is a marvelous puzzle game that blends perfectly with other genres to create a stunning and addictive experience.

Ironcast surely has something unique. Match 3 games and their endless clones are tried, tired, and done. I’ve played a few like them before but there wasn’t nearly enough to hold the attention for as long as this game did. The thematic implementation is on another level, the writing is flawless and the whole theme simply stunning, normally only be found in bigger budget titles. Unlike most match 3 games instead of matching 3 tiles by swapping them, you draw a line through adjacent tiles to fill up a meter that allows you to perform separate actions. Each turn is made up of two options. The matching stage, where 3 opportunities are given to make matches and fill the meters and the action stage, here is the moment to level up defenses, attack or repair any damage done to your machine.

Ironcast Gameplay

This isn’t a simple progression based RPG styled game though, if you die, you die. You will need to start again from scratch, the XP you’ve collected is then added to a ‘global pool’ which grows after every death, once a new level is hit, players are rewarded with new starting weapons, boosts, machines, characters, etc. This works really well and rather than being frustrated, you’re almost looking forward to it, just to find out what is unlocked this time.

The workshop

Between each mission, you’ll head back to the Workshop, in which scrap is spend on repairs, and buy new parts for the Ironcast from blueprints that are earned after every battle. The XP that is received goes towards the player level level, and each time that you level up you’re given upgrades and gear. There’s plenty of customization, though a bit of luck is involved if you want to finish the campaign, crossing everything in the hope that you get a rare blueprint after a fight.

Ironcast is releasing on March 2, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and on  March 4 for Xbox One.

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