The first screenshots of Vampyr, the new game by Life is Strange’s Dontnod Entertainment, have appeared online. The four screenshots show the dark world of the game.

Vampyr is a horror game set in old London in 1900. The people of London are plagued by the aftermath of the First World War and the emerging Spanish flu claiming dead. Players take control of the British Jonathan Reid, a physician and scientist during World War I in old London. Reid turned into a vampire and has to survive on his own.

vampyr1 vampyr2

Players can use special vampire powers or opt for melee and weapons. In addition, players have the option to drink blood of everyone in town. The latter has a direct impact on the story and the environment, as for example the disappearance of these characters has an impact on the environment.

vampyr3 vampyr4

Vampyr is scheduled for 2017 and will be released for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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