twathkheadNippon Ichi Software releases a remastered (Revival) edition of their first 3D action RPG, The Witch and the Hundred Knight, a game that didn’t need a remastered edition so soon after it’s launch.

The Witch and the Hundred Knight originally released last year on the Playstation 3 and while it was an enjoyable game it wasn’t Nippon Ichi’s best title out there. Why Nippon Ichi chose this game for a Revival Edition and not one of their better known and received games remains a mystery. But, we know have a more polished version of a highly enjoyable action RPG to play on our Playstation 4.

The witch and the hundred knight is hilarious at times, but for the most of it it’s an obscure title which features a foul-mouthed Witch, Metallia who commands the player, also known as the Hundred Knight. You are summoned to do Metallia’s bidding and wage war on behalf of her. One of the main goals of the game is to expand the foul-mouthed Witch’s swamp, so she can become more powerful and spread her insanity and profanity.

The game features some memorable moments, which can be hilarious and gross at the same time. I will always remember the moment Metallia turned her newly discovered mother in a mouse, after she had called her a dirty swamp whore multiple times before. Metallia then conjured a few male mice who would gang rape her mother. Later you’ll eat her for diner. If you can see past this kind profanity and weird, yet hilarious scenes The witch and the hundred knight is the perfect game for you.


Even though the game may feature an awkward story, the gameplay is solid. The game features a crazy amount of gameplay elements that are turned and tuned into a great RPG. The Hundred Knight can equip multiple weapons and perform combos to deal slash, blunt, or magic damage. A great gameplay mechanic in the game is called the Gcal system, a gauge that starts ticking down from 100.0. When the number hits zero you’ll fall on the battlefield. If you fall on the battlefield, you’ll awake back at Metallia’s swamp and forfeit any items that you picked up since your last save point. The Gcal gauge can be filled by eating enemies, which then adds garbage to your stomach stock and only can be done until your stomach stock is full. This usually means you’ll revisit multiple parts of a level more than once to completely clear it and gather all the loot.

twathk4 twathk2

The revival edition features shiny new graphics and this makes the game even better than before.  In the original release the graphics made it difficult to keep track of what was going on. In the Revival edition things become much more clear and this colorful RPG becomes more beautiful than ever. In the Revival Edition, you’ll be able to take control of the foul-mouthed witch herself when playing through the Tower of Illusion. Metallia has some pretty awesome magic skills to do things like call down lightning, create a vortex to draw in enemies, or summon a massive sword to slice her way through the Tower of Illusion.


So, what’s the Tower of Illusion? Well it’s a new way to challenge yourself and gain some nice loot. You can enter the tower starting from chapter 2. To enter it, you’ll have to sacrifice a weapon — the stronger the weapon, the more powerful your foes and the better the loot. You’ll clear floors full of enemies and gain some xp and loot. When you’ll sacrifice a low level weapon the Tower is a walk in the park, but sacrificing high level weapons can make it a trip into hell. In the Tower, you’ll be able to gather catalysts, which you can combine in the new Alchemy system to boost the stats of your equipment.

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