nomansskyheaderWe now know that Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky will be releasing on June 22 and will come in many flavors. But, what about the game’s universe?

Hello Games’ Sean Murray explains a lot about the game’s lore, language and intelligent life in a recent Playstation blog interview. Also, new, cool and gorgeous screenshots are provided in the blogpost. Below you will find some small parts of the interview, but if you want all the information you can head over to the Playstation blog.

Sean talks about factions in the game, NPC’s and the languages used in No Man’s Sky:

“We’ve always talked about having factions in the game. It’s something we’ve always wanted. We had ideas on how we wanted that to fit in No Man’s Sky, but it’s taken us a while to get to the point where we’re happy enough to show it,”

In short, here’s how it works. As you travel around the universe you’ll encounter individuals from several distinct races. As with everything else in the game, how they look and what they say is procedurally generated based on a set of variables defined by the Hello Games team. You’ll be able to trade with them, gain upgrades, learn more about the game’s lore, forge alliances and so forth.


“The razor we use to cut features – to decide whether to implement them or not – is ‘does this thing encourage players to go out and explore the universe more?”

Hello Games has devised a number of distinct alien languages which, at the game’s outset, you will not be able to understand. However, as you explore the universe, discover relics and talk to new NPCs, you’ll slowly start picking up their dialects. Sean goes onto explain that there is real value in developing relationships with these characters. If you make the effort to learn the language of a particular race and interact with them regularly, your standing with them will increase. If you’re tight with a particular race, they’ll give you preferential treatment.


As has been hinted at in previous trailers, there are a number of ways to play No Man’s Sky. You can focus on exploration, on fighting, survival or on trading, and the NPC system feeds directly into this overarching framework.

“The nice thing about it is that the NPCs are divided up into different races. So one race is perhaps more focussed on exploration and science, and knowing that helps you decide how to best interact with them,”

“If you’re playing the game for exploration’s sake, you might want to focus on that race. But if you’re playing the game and all you want to do is kill things, there are more military-based races, so you might want to try and become friends with them.”

The interview continues and more information about the game’s languages and NPC’s is given. Again, for a full version of the interview visit the Playstation Blog.

We still owe you some gorgeous screenshots :p

You can pre-order multiple versions of No Man’s Sky for PC and Playstation 4. The game will release starting June 21, 2016.

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