destiny2.0headerDestiny lives! Destiny Update 2.2.0 will deploy on April 12th, 2016.

Bungie has announced that the promised Destiny: The Taken King spring update will roll out on April 12th.

Update 2.2.0 has previously been described as the biggest content drop since the launch of The Taken King in September 2015, so you can expect a great deal more than the likes of Sparrow Racing and Crimson Days delivered. More news and updates are inbound, but here’s the executive summary Update 2.2.0:

  • New PVE challenges
  • New and updated Gear
  • New quest featuring the Blighted Chalice Strike
  • Increased max Light and rewards
  • Sandbox and Crucible Updates
  • “And more”
For the next three Wednesdays, Bungie will be providing more details on Twitch. Join them as they introduce you to some of the designers and artists to chat with them about what they’ve packed into the update. (see Bungie.net for the schedule or check back here for the intel)
April Update Preview: New Things to Do
Wednesday, March 23rd – 11AM Pacific
April Update Preview: New Things to Earn
Wednesday, March 30th – 11AM Pacific
April Update Preview: Sandbox and Crucible Updates
Wednesday, April 6th – 11AM Pacific


If you have Destiny: The Taken King, the April Update is included with your purchase. When the time comes, download the update and you’ll be good to go.

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