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République gives hope. Hope there will be more high quality kickstarter games.

République begins with a plea for help. A close up on a teenage girl’s panicked face, clandestinely whispering about being “erased.” Her name is Hope. You don’t know why she’s called you. You can’t quite tell where she is. But you know she’s frightened, and everything is horribly wrong. We know this not because some omniscient narrator fills us in on the world in République’s opening scene but in the same way you get all your information in République, a way that few games offer: you observe. You explore. The truth about Hope’s new surroundings is out there.


République is a game I don’t need to describe too long probably, since the game was to a certain extent already released for PC and has now made it’s debut on PS4. The girl Hope asks us for help and we as random hackers now do everything to support her. We observe Hope through the surveillance cameras of the pseudo-prison and guide her past the guards. Players protect Hope and aid in her escape by gaining control of network-enabled devices and solving elaborate puzzle scenarios along the way. Players can hack into security cameras, wiretap calls, scramble enemy communications, and trap Hope’s pursuers behind locked doors.
République is more than a “Orwellian” stealth-action game. By creating a gameplay system that drives the symbiotic relationship between Hope and the player, players become more engaged as her protector. In addition to the main story, players help Hope collect “banned” books, cassette tapes, and other unique items that will further immerse them in this futuristic dystopian world. Roaming around accompanied by a superb soundtrack, playing this game is a breeze.

Republique 00

Stealth Puzzle

What makes the game quite good next to the stealthy sneaking part, are the little puzzles we need to solve to progress. After all, we have to deal with guards and open doors, to control it and all that just from the perspective of our unknown hacker Hope. When we gain new skills, we receive a call from Cooper, a rogue guard who informs us throughout the story. Particularly well done is the setting of the story. The speakers make the world seem real while over time we build a really close relationship with Hope. With Omni-View, we find objects that help us or can disable obstacles while moving through the world in search for an exit for Hope.
Republique 01


The controls with the DualShock4 controller feel very natural and work pretty well. There are plenty of options to explore the world, pickpocket the guards or even disable them. Sometimes the path ahead is quite obvious or the routes you can use to sneak from one room to another are fixed, but this doesn’t affect the gameplay all that much.
Republique 02

Needless to say, despite its mobile game roots, the world of République is meant to immerse, to beckon the player’s curiosity, and to involve them enough in the city-state’s ins and outs enough to get Hope out of danger. In transitioning to consoles, the game remains largely successful at that. République is fun and transmits the mood of the game and the world quite well. At the same time again we feel somewhat limited in our movement while the puzzles are always a bit similar in a certain way. The PS4 port works very well with the DualShock4 controller and leaves nothing to be desired. Camouflaj dit a great job with this Remastered version of République published by NIS America.

Release EU: March 22nd 2016

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