Green Game - TimeSwapper

Set in steampunk world, you are the master of time. Use this newfound power to manipulate the time by changing it to past, present or future to fulfill the bird’s mission.

Green Game: TimeSwapper is the long awaited sequel to iFun4All’s Red Game Without a Great Name. Just like in Red Game the player wil take control of a Bird. Only this time the game’s world isn’t completely Red, it’s Green.

In IFun4All’s 2d arcade game you are a master of time – you can set it to past, present and future. This power must be used to help a mechanical bird complete its extremely important mission of collecting the knowledge about a mysterious green world. This is not an easy task, as the bird moves on its own and the player’s job will be to change the time on the fly in order to make the environment change and create a safe path for the bird to fly.

Green Game - TimeSwapper Gameplay 02 Green Game - TimeSwapper Gameplay 03

As an puzzle enthousiast i really like the gameplay and artwork of Green Game.
The controls are easy to use, simply click and drag the mouse to adjust the time, the mobile version and PlayStation Vita version will utilize the touchscreen.
The game takes place in a colourfull green steampunk world, the artstyle has a similar feel to Playdead’s wonderfull Limbo. And after completing the first few levels you will get the hang of the game and you will fall in love with it, don’t think it will stay this easy though. After several levels the challenging part begins and time after time a different approach needs to be taken, you will fail more than once. Will the game get on your nerves? Test your patience? The answer is yes, yes it will, but it won’t be disappointing.

By playing the game you will be stimulated to try something different, look at the level from a different angle and try again. This keeps the game really fun, refreshing and verry challenging over the 50 levels the game has to offer.

Green Game: TimeSwapper releases on Steam, the Playstion store for PlayStation Vita, Apple’s App store for iOS and Apple Tv on the 4th of April 2016

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