destinyaprilBungie’s latest live stream focused on the new rewards coming to Destiny. They showed off some really nice-looking new armor sets and more additions coming next month when Destiny’s big April Update launches on April 12th.

Bungie’s first stream was focused on the new challenges coming to Destiny‘s spring update. It’s nice to know that the in 2015’s House of Wolves add-on introduced , Prison of Elders mode will be making a comeback. This time around the Prison of Elders will feature the Taken and eight updated bosses for you to destroy. There are more features coming to the update, but the return of the Prison of Elders is what matters here. The new stream focused on the new rewards coming to the same update showed more of the loot and customizable options available. There is one more streams scheduled for the next week and it’s focused on new live updates.

The star of Bungie’s livestream was the new Desolate armor. It was teased last week and is modeled off of the Taken enemies introduced in last fall’s Taken King expansion. Players can gather it piece by piece by picking up Sterling Treasure chests, which are earned a variety of ways, including via weekly activities and playing the new level 41 version of the Prison of Elders.


Bungie showed a range of other new armor sets in the livestream all while also demonstrating the April update’s new HUD-free mode. By changing a menu setting, players can turn off all on-screen icons, including their aiming reticle, the better to see the game’s art.

Another key change: infusing items will no longer split stats. Instead, according to Bungie, combining two items will boost the lower-level item to the attack/defense stats of the higher one. This not only makes item infusion a more viable option but seems to give Bungie a loophole for providing a microtransaction way to get the new Desolate gear. Those Sterling Treasure chests that contain Desolate gear pieces can be earned in-game, but they can also be purchased using in-game currency that’s been bought with real money.

So what’s next? Well, according to Bungie’s official website, the following new rewards and changes are coming in April’s update.


All roads lead to more powerful gear. New and updated rewards have been added to all high level activities. Infusion now upgrades gear to the existing Light of the consumed item directly.


Both Chroma and Taken-themed gear can be found in Sterling Treasures. Three Sterling Treasures can be obtained each week by visiting the Postmaster after each weekly reset, successfully completing one Level 41 Prison of Elders activity, and completing one match in the featured Weekly Crucible Playlist.

Additional Sterling Treasures can also be purchased via Tess Everis in the Eververse Trading Company stores.


Faction packages will now contain select Chroma-enabled versions of their Legendary armor sets at up to 330 Light. Updated Prison of Elders Legendary Gear is also Chroma-enabled and can drop at up to 335 Light in Challenge of the Elders.

Bungie is also making sure that high-level items drop in the game. Here’s how to get them once the April update hits:

  • King’s Fall (hard mode) will drop gear up to 335 (after a post-update hot fix)
  • Iron Banner will drop items up to 335
  • Trials of Osiris will drop items up to 335
  • Strike Uniques will drop items up to 335
  • Exotic Engrams will decode items up to 335
  • Court of Oryx artifact drops will be up to 335
  • Challenge of Elders will end with 335-level enemies (and presumably drop items at that level)
  • King’s Fall (normal) will drop items up to 320




Eververse expands into the Reef with a newly refreshed stock of customization items.
Sterling Treasures and brand new Emotes are available.

Next week Bungie will shine some light on the live updates coming to Destiny on April 12.


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