sfvbeardryuheadThis new part of Lucy Walker’s documentary, Makers & Gamers shows what happens when two Street Fighter legends meet.

What if incredibly talented game creators got the chance to meet their most dedicated fans to keep the conversation going? This is the core idea behind a series of short films the people at Playstation are producing this year: can that gaming magic happen in real life and in person?

Working with PlayStation, Lucy Walker brings us a documentary on two major figures of the storied franchise – Darryl “Snake Eyez” Lewis, regarded as one of the best Zangief players in the world, and Yoshinori Ono, Executive Producer of Ultra Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V. The documentary explores both what it takes to play a game and what it takes to make a game, and the ever-changing relationship between the two.

Yoshinori Ono shared the foloowing message on the Playstation Blog regarding this video:

It’s been a busy month with the launch of Street Fighter V and the start of the 2016 Capcom Pro Tour season. A game without a community is a game that won’t last, and I’m always proud to tell people that Street Fighter has one of the most passionate communities out there. As a game creator, what we ultimately want is to see fans have a blast and enjoy the product that we pour our hearts and souls into.

What did you think of this first short movie? Which game would you like to see featured next? Is Sony doing something interesting with these shorts? Let us know in the comments below!


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