Dark SOuls IIIIt’s almost time for Dark Souls III’s release. Prepare to die… And die again. Possible Spoilers ahead.

Tomorrow will be the day Dark Souls III releases. I can imagine a lot of you will pick up the game and will do their best to finish it to completion. We will start on our first playthrough shortly, and will post regular updates on the game, its lore, bosses, weapons, builds and more. Below you will find a list with all of Dark Souls III’s Trophies/Achievements. Let us know which ones you unlocked in the comments below.

The Dark Soul
Acquire all trophies.
Supreme Weapon Reinforcement
Reinforce any weapon to the highest level.
Master of Infusion
Perform all forms of infusion.
Master of Sorceries
Acquire all sorceries.
Master of Pyromancies
Acquire all pyromancies.
Master of Miracles
Acquire all miracles.
Master of Rings
Acquire all rings.
Master of Expression
Learn all gestures.
Ultimate Bonfire
Reinforce a bonfire to the highest level.
Ultimate Estus
Reinforce the Estus Flask to the highest level.
Light a bonfire flame for the first time.
Embrace the Flame
Become a Host of Embers for the first time.
Secret Trophies
To Link the First Flame
Reach “To Link the First Flame” ending.
The End of Fire
Reach “The End of Fire” ending.
The Usurpation of Fire
Reach “The Usurpation of Fire” ending.
Lords of Cinder: Abyss Watchers
Defeat the Abyss Watchers, Lords of Cinder.
Lord of Cinder: Yhorm the Giant
Defeat Yhorm the Giant, Lord of Cinder.
Lord of Cinder: Aldritch, Devourer of Gods
Defeat Aldritch, Devourer of Gods, Lord of Cinder.
Lord of Cinder: Lothric, Younger Prince
Defeat Lothric, Younger Prince, Lord of Cinder.
Covenant: Warrior of Sunlight
Discover Warrior of Sunlight covenant.
Covenant: Way of Blue
Discover Way of Blue covenant.
Covenant: Blue Sentinels
Discover Blue Sentinels covenant.
Covenant: Blade of the Darkmoon
Discover Blade of the Darkmoon covenant.
Covenant: Rosaria’s Fingers
Discover Rosaria’s Fingers covenant.
Covenant: Mound-makers
Discover Mound-makers covenant.
Covenant: Watchdogs of Farron
Discover Watchdogs of Farron covenant.
Covenant: Aldritch Faithful
Discover Aldritch Faithful covenant.
Untended Graves
Reach the Untended Graves.
Archdragon Peak
Reach Archdragon Peak.
Iudex Gundyr
Defeat Iudex Gundyr.
Vordt of the Boreal Valley
Defeat Vordt of the Boreal Valley.
Curse-rotted Greatwood
Defeat the Curse-rotted Greatwood.
Crystal Sage
Defeat Crystal Sage.
Deacons of the Deep
Defeat the Deacons of the Deep.
High Lord Wolnir
Defeat High Lord Wolnir.
Pontiff Sulyvahn
Defeat Pontiff Sulyvahn.
Dancer of the Boreal Valley
Defeat Dancer of the Boreal Valley.
Dragonslayer Armour
Defeat Dragonslayer Armour.
Old Demon King
Defeat Old Demon King.
Oceiros, the Consumed King
Defeat Oceiros, the Consumed King.
Champion Gundyr
Defeat Champion Gundyr.
Ancient Wyvern
Defeat Ancient Wyvern.
The Nameless King
Defeat Nameless King.

Dark Souls III will release tomorrow, April 12, 2016 on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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