AlienationHousemarque has shared some details on Alienation’s three classes. Players can choose one of the three classes – the Tank, the Bio-Specialist and the Saboteur – to save the planet.

Housemarque has build each class – the Tank, the Bio-Specialist and the Saboteur – with a specific playstyle in mind and since the game supports drop-in/drop-out gameplay, your four-player squad’s composition might even change during the course of the same mission.

Each class has a unique primary weapon, three unique upgradable active abilities and three upgradable passive abilities. On release day, players will be able to level-up from Level 1 to 30 in either campaign missions, bounties, or procedurally generated scenarios.


Every game this brutal needs at least one class that heals other players: that’s the Bio-Specialist. That said, she’s also very competent at creating areas of damage using a poisonous trail, or take control of powerful nanomachines to swarm enemies and chip away their HPs.



The Tank is all about protection and splash damage: if you’re under heavy fire you want one next to you sharing his shield, or if you’re overrun by too many enemies he can blow everything away and give you room to maneuver. Plus, he’s the only character able to command a devastating death ray piercing everything in a straight line!



If you like swift characters you’re gonna love the Saboteur. He becomes invisible, and uses his plasma sword to clear the area in front of him with ease. When some help is needed, he can also call in deadly airstrikes to open paths through a sea of Xenos.


Each class has passive abilities that are divided into three “tracks”: Athlete, Warrior and Survivor. Like the active abilities, each track can be upgraded several times. Each time an Ability point is spent, you’ll be asked to make a tough decision between two possible upgrade options. For example, do you want the Health orbs to give you back more HP or extend the duration of the Xenoflowers boosts?

If you’re worried about spec’ing your character in a way that will bite back during missions down the line, fear not! You can always re-spec your UNX soldier to suit your playstyle.

Alienation will release on April 26th, 2016 exclusively for Playstation 4.


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