Burning BloodBandai Namco has added three more members of the Straw Hat Crew to their Moveset video series for One Piece Burning Blood.

Earlier this week Bandai Namco debuted a series of new videos highlighting the different movesets of One Piece Burning Blood characters. The first batch of videos featured three of the original Straw Hat Pirates: Luffy (2 years ago), Zoro and Sanji. Today they’ve added three new videos featuring, Usopp, Nami and Tony Tony Chopper. They are sometimes called the “weakling trio,” but these three are actually anything but weak.


Usopp uses his different attacks against Perona, just as he did in their hilarious battle during the Thriller Bark Arc. Usopp is a talented sniper, pelting Perona with hits from his slingshot. He even fires a Pop Green that transforms into a giant wolf!


Nami faces off against Buggy in this clip, harkening back to their first encounter in the Orange Town Arc. Nami wields her Clima-Tact staff with skill, manipulating the weather and dispatching thunderclouds to zap Buggy with lightning.


In this clip, Chopper tests out his moves against Moria. He uses his Zoan Fruit abilities to shapeshift his form as needed. He also consumes a Rumble Ball to increase his power even more, causing him to grow to gigantic size.

In case you missed it – I missed it – here are the first batch of videos.


In this clip, you can see Luffy test out his moves on Crocodile. Luffy is a scrappy fighter, using his Gum-Gum Fruit power to extend his reach. Watch him inflate his arm and punch Crocodile with a super-sized fist!


Zoro faces off against his rival Mihawk in this fight between two of the world’s best swordsmen. Zoro’s swordfighting prowess combined with his Haki ability make him a formidable opponent. He wields his three swords with power and even delivers an amazing Flying Slash Attack.


Sanji is no mere chef! Here, he shows off his leg-centric fighting style against Bon Clay, similar to their intense battle during One Piece’s Alabasta Arc. He also uses his Diable Jambe power to make his legs glow with flame, adding literal fire power to his attacks!


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