Starr MazerApril’s Galak-Z Indiebox will feature an exclusive code for subscribers to get their hands on a demo of Starr Mazer: DSP!

This April’s Galak-Z Indiebox will include two action filled space shooters. These boxes are amazing and feature some of the best Indie games ever made. From Guacamelee to Luftrausers, Rogue Legacy, Axiom Verge, and now finally 17-Bit’s open-world space shooter, Galak-Z. These Boxes are highly collectable and come with a multitude of collectibles. Keep in mind that you will need to have a active subscription or you’ll need to sign up for the Indiebox to receive Starr Mazer: DSP’s demo. Starr Mazer: DSP will be included as a code inside the box that users can redeem online to receive the demo.

In Starr Mazer: DSP you will join F-Squad (Forward Squad) the first wave of DSP pilots to battle the endless onslaught of G’ell! This roguelike SHMUP will have you blasting enemies to earn SK:ORE used to recruit bigger and better pilots! Start with a ragtag team of scrappy green pilots and work your way up to the Wolf Pack full of seasoned mercenaries stocked to max with powerful weaponry!
Users must have a subscription or sign up for the Indiebox BEFORE 4/18 at midnight EST to receive April’s box.
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