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SpeedRunners is a 4 player competitive platformer with grappling hooks, power-ups, and interactive environments. Run, jump, swing around, fire rockets, anything to finish first and make your friends hate you.

The time of local competitive games is as good as over. Even Mario Kart 8 is online and that always was a very suitable game to curse your best friends to hell. Granted, now anyone can compete against each other with a single press of a button in most games, but is it the same? Dutch developer DoubleDutch Games doesn’t think so.

SpeedRunners is an indie title in Early Access. It’s a game that you can simply start up for a single game, but really gets awesome when you’re playing with up to three friends. Four players run through a level, and try to get the best time they can possibly get. You run, jump, climb, and look for the fastest way through life while you encounter all sorts of obstacles. Who doesn’t keep up with the rest of the group (and thus disappears from view) is lost and may not join the rest of the round. The players who wins the first three rounds, is the one winning the game. all sounds super simple and it really is. But what makes SpeedRunners so addictively good?

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The biggest fun factor comes from the power-ups you can pick up on the way. These are similar to those of Mario Kart, though they are mainly focused to bully your opponents. These are all blue and red labels, with an occasional big bomb. You’ll imagine the emotions will run high when you’re close to winning a lap and then someone hooks you, he pulls you back to his postition as you launch your nemessis to the finish. Friendships have been and will be ruined by this game!

However, the levels are incredibly complicated, with multiple shortcuts and ways to overcome the obstacles. Thanks to a hook you will be able to swing from the ceiling into other areas in the course. This way you’ll not only avoid obstacles on the ground, but you also generate momentum to run even faster. This technique requires a lot of practice and knowledge of each level. Once you know where to hook, you will be awesomely fast and fight your opponents off with ease. Until you stumble across a silly cube, or are stopped by a mine.

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Your knowledge of the level largely determines how well you’ll do , you start with four players simultaneously so you’ll always be matched, unless someone secretly practiced on his own. Even for such people, there will be plenty to do in SpeedRunners. The single player consists mainly of Time Trials, but they do give you the chance to get used to the controls. In addition, you can play online custom matches or can go for a high ranking in the ranked match making.

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The controls are so simple that you’ll only need four buttons next to your movement buttons. Jumping, hooks, use items and boost. Works great on a keyboard, but if you play online against strangers, its recomended to use a controller. This way it plays less frenetic and the game seems to be particularly built for the controller.

SpeedRunners will launch on April 19, 2016 for Windows PC via Steam.

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