Burning BloodBandai Namco has added the last three members of the Straw Hat Crew to their Moveset video series for One Piece Burning Blood.

Last week Bandai Namco debuted a series of new videos highlighting the different movesets of One Piece Burning Blood characters. The first batch of videos featured three of the original Straw Hat Pirates: Luffy (2 years ago), Zoro and Sanji. The second batch featured three new videos featuring, Usopp, Nami and Tony Tony Chopper.

Below you’ll find the movesets of the final three remaining members of the Straw Hat Crew: Franky, Robin, and Brook.


It’s one cyborg versus another in this video of Franky fighting Kuma. Franky’s mechanized fists pummel Kuma with relentless power. And watch him use his General Cannon while in robot form to hit Kuma with a powerful blast of air!


In this clip, Robin fights against Crocodile, her former boss from when she was a member of Baroque Works. Robin uses her Flower-Flower Fruit powers to sprout arms from the ground that smack Crocodile backwards. For her final attack, she forms enormous legs that shoot up and stamp Crocodile into the ground.


The Straw Hat Crew’s musician faces off against Moria in this video. Brook’s instrument is also one of his weapons: With Lullaby Parry, he plays a tune that puts Moria into a daze. Of course, Brook also puts his sword to good use, slashing with lightning-fast attacks.


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