Dark SOuls IIIHaving trouble destroying Dark Souls III’s Boss, Curse-rotted Greatwood? Just want more Dark Souls III footage to admire? We’ve got you covered.

I absolutely love playing From Software‘s Dark Souls and Dark Souls III is no exception. The game looks and feels beautiful. It’s challenging at times and Boss battles are some of the most challenging parts of the game. They are also the most rewarding aspect of the game. I’m still enjoying my time with Dark Souls III and I discover new loot and bosses every time I fire up the game.

I’m not completely done with my first play trough, but I love to share my battles and struggles. When I had some trouble defeating Vordt of the Boreal Valley I summoned a random phantom called, “Little Jay” – thanks Little Jay – and together we were able to defeat him. When I encountered my third Dark Souls boss, Curse-rotted Greatwood I didn’t hesitate, I summoned another random instantly. We were able to deafet the Cursed Tree the first time I encountered it. Below you’ll find some tactics and a video of the Boss battle.

The Curse-rotted Greatwood can be found in the Undead Settlement and is actually pretty easy. Once you have defeated the Hollow’s surrounding it and you can focus solely on the Tree it’s key to attack these areas.

-Left side
-Right side
-Right ankle
-Left hand
-Right elbow
-Right thigh

After the first tumor is destroyed the Tree will crash trough the floor and no more grunts can reach you.

Good luck my fellow Warriors of Sunlight. Earn yourselves a nice little Trophy/Achievement. Do you have a better tactic? Having trouble beating the Curse-rotted Greatwood? share your thoughts in the comments below.


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