DragonBall Fusions

The trailer focuses on the story while only teasing the much anticipated fusion aspect.

Whoever follows the Japanese gaming- and/or DragonBall community has known for a few months that a new DragonBall title is in development for the Nintendo 3DS. In development under codename Project Fusion, the game hinted at a new storyline and a completely new fusion system that allows for characters to fuse that did not have fusions in any medium before.

Now Bandai Namco has released a (Japanese) debut trailer that confirms the game has been officially titled DragonBall Fusions. We get some footage of the new story and a quick tease of the new fusions at the end:


Although no exact date has been announced yet, DragonBall Fusions is scheduled for a 2016 release in Japan. Neither developer Ganbarion nor publisher Bandai Namco has revealed any plans for an international release. For the time being, we at Gamegeekz remain cautiously optimistic.

Does this trailer get you excited yet?


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