Dark SOuls IIIHaving trouble destroying Dark Souls III’s Crystal Sage? Just want more Dark Souls III footage to admire? We’ve got you covered.

I absolutely love playing From Software‘s Dark Souls and Dark Souls III is no exception. The game looks and feels beautiful. It’s challenging at times and Boss battles are some of the most challenging parts of the game. They are also the most rewarding aspect of the game. I’m still enjoying my time with Dark Souls III and I discover new loot and bosses every time I fire up the game.

I’m not completely done with my first play trough, but I love to share my battles and struggles. Yesterday I came across the Crystal Sage, my fourth boss, in the Road of Sacrifices. I died the first time, but I was determined to defeat her without summoning another player. As it turns out she’s pretty easy. Below you’ll find some tactics and a video of the Crystal Sage Boss battle.

In this fight the Crystal Sage appears in front of you and uses a handful of spells to attack from range. Although many of these spells can track, they are slow as hell. Dodging these spells is easy. Sprint or walk forward to close the distance, and dodge only when you have to. When close deal some damage on the Crystal Sage. After a few hits she will disappear and swiftly reappear in a different spot. Repeat the first part and things should go smoothly.

The Crystal Sage gets much more annoying for the second half of the battle. She disappears at first and throws a few crystals around the arena.  When the sage returns, she will come up in multiple areas, with annoying clones. The clones can cast spells, although not as powerful as the real deal. You should look out for the sage that uses purple spells, she’s the real one. The fake sages use only blue spells. Attack the purple sage and all others will disappear. Repeat this a few times and the boss should be easily defeated.

Good luck defeating the Crystal Sage my fellow Warriors of Sunlight. And earn yourselves a nice little Trophy/Achievement. Do you have a better tactic? Having trouble beating the Crystal Sage? share your thoughts in the comments below.



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