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We all know one of those games that really challenges you, gets you frustrated. However, you simply can’t stop playing. Dark souls 3 is once again one of those games. And here at Gamegeekz we had the brilliant idea of letting someone play trough it… Let’s play Dark souls 3 they said, it’ll be fun they said….

So room dimly lit, a big can of Monster energy (Haha Monster haha Dark Souls see what we did there?) controller fully charged, volume to the almost maximum, let’s kick some monster ass!!
Oh wait character creation, yeah that’s great especially for me, the guy who spend hours in Fallout 4 creating the perfect settlement, the guy who spends half an hour for the perfect name for my character. Dark Souls 3 is no exception (let’s keep it short with DS3) after the first awesome cinematic there are plenty of options to create your perfect character, if you want to. After 20 minutes tweaking and sliding with all the different options I’m finally satisfied, I think…

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Let’s get started – finally! I have chosen the Mercenary class, because of one simple fact,  it’s able to absorb some damage because of its armor and is more agile than the heavily armored knight. Armor is something you need in the Dark Souls games. That’s what my experience with the previous games thought me, I’ve tried most classes in the previous games, but liked the more movable and agile classes most. Then I had to choose the burial gift – Life Ring,Duh – and I’m good to go

After being resurrected back to some form of living in the Cemetery of Ash, this is the first area to explore. Controls feel good, just like the previous games, everything under the single press of a button and man does it all look good, there’s a lot to see and as we venture on, the on-screen tips tell us how to dash and stuff like that, yeah yeah lets get some fighting started!! Aaarh…
Soon the fist monsters appears on my path – they’re not a real threat for my pure awesomeness.. Not yet.
Some more on-screen tips appear walking on and discovering the area, always checking every inch of the map, maybe, hopefully, finding some loot, souls or other fortune.
Dodging arrows of a nearby archer, kicking his ass, being surprised by another monster just around the corner, jumpy, moving in my seat, this is DS as we know it. Always known as a game you can’t simply rush into, always be wary of what’s on your path, be careful every step. Thankfully we’ll soon find our first Bonfire, that safe light of the fire is always a comforting, soothing sight.

Ah look a lovely courtyard with what apears to be someone or thing in the middle of it. Sword sticking from his chest, better look around a bit, explore some more.
There isn’t much to see, so I’d better head back to the unfortunate soul in the middle of this area – almost like an arena. While I’m moving in closer an option appears “Remove the sword”, sure why not a new sword is always appreciated… Wait what, as soon as the sword is removed the thing starts to move and comes to life.

Screenshot 02Screenshot 03

Ludex Gundyr, goody, looks like the first serious battle is about to start, threatening coming at us,big as a tree wearing an even bigger halberd/axe like thingamajig, which he fiercely swings around, this guy is not to be messed with. Even when I’m Dodging most of his hits it’s hard not to get hit by his attacks. I got hit once, I’m telling you this hurts! It hurts like being hit by a bus, a moving one. I had to quickly chug back an Estus Flask, recovering some health, keeping an close eye on his every move. I’m lashing out with my sword every time an opportunity presents itself, I’m actually chipping of quite a bit of his health.

I’m still dodging his attacks, hands sweaty on the controller, sitting on the edge of my seat. Hitting him some more until he all of the sudden transforms into.. a weird and even more dangerous looking…something. He has big claws on his right side, a monstrous thing that appears to be is head lashes out, rolling, dodging, blocking at the best of my capabilities. I hit him several times, get hit once more, hurts like hell but I finally am able to chop of the last of his health as he drops down on his knees…. “HEIR OF FIRE DESTROYED” appears on screen, the familiar sound of an unlocked achievement and a bonfire appears in the middle of the courtyard .. phew

Screenshot 04

Heart beating. Heavy breathing. I’m all sweaty but the first boss is down and boy it sure feels good. Okay on to the next one! I head out towards a big door at the end of the courtyard, carefully opening it, always being prepared for a next attack. That’s what a game like DS does to you, you become really nervous. You’re more careful with every step you take, every move you make, you never know what could be waiting for you. And good I was careful,  because as soon as I took my first few steps in the new area some more monsters awaits me. I took them out victoriously (of course) and started exploring this new area and I climbed up some stairs. Eventually I entered the Firelink Shrine. Here we meet a Fire Keeper, a savior of lives. Here we get the chance to trade-in our hard earned Souls as we level up.

This is where i will stop spoiling this awesome game. And it’s awesome alright, frustrating but awesome. But for me that’s the magic of Demon and Dark Souls. They are really challenging games but, the satisfaction of beating that boss, surviving that long without losing all those precious souls is what really does the trick. Then there’s the story and graphics that are both stunning.
Yes I can say I’m a big fan and I hope you will be too. Give them a chance for they will give you one, one to kick some serious ass and die, die allot, die again and die some more…..

Play Dark souls they said

Are you stuck on a certain boss or not clear what to do next check these links for usefull tips n tricks.

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