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Nintendo’s mysterious NX console is getting closer. The company announced alongside its annual financial results that the NX platform will see a worldwide release in March 2017. Nothing else has been revealed about the system so far.”


If this seems like an inauspicious way to announce an important new console’s release, know that it’s Nintendo’s modus operandi. The company issued similarly brief press releases ahead of the 3DS and Wii U’s respective reveals, confirming the existence of the platforms but telling investors and the public to wait until E3 for extra information.

 nintendo nx

The NX has variously been rumoured to be based on Android; to use unusually shaped “free-form” displays from Sharp; and to be a hybrid platform with both handheld and home console units. None of that was confirmed or denied by Nintendo today, and it’s unclear when we’ll hear any more details — the company says that the new Legend of Zelda game will “be the focus” of the company’s showing at the E3 conference in June.

source: theverge
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