stellar tactics 2Stellar Tactics, the popular and ambitious Sci-Fi Sandbox RPG has started a crowdfunding campaign via KickStarter to secure sufficient funds to finance its official release.

The game is produced and created by industry vet Don Wilkins, and is a tribute to classic PC-RPGs. The game  challenges you to control an elite team of soldiers to explore a vast and dangerous sandbox universe, and to boldly venture into the far reaches of space. The crowdfunding campaigns offers a host of exclusive digital and tangible rewards, and is off to a great start with its growing community of fans and followers.

Stellar Tactics offers out-of-this-world gameplay and it shows the game has been in development for the past six years. It looks sleek, polished and impressive, even at its current state of Alpha. A masterful tribute to the RPG genre, the game promises to impress with its immersive narrative, deep strategic turn-based combat and rewarding open world space exploration. Your objective is to control an elite team of soldiers genetically modified and bred for warfare, where your deeds will change the destiny of those you protect, and your actions will reflect in the events that unfold as you reach your destination and you are unleashed into the void.


The game includes finely crafted lore specifically designed to mesh with an open-ended sandbox RPG. Destined to entertain for years to come with episodic content spanning thousands of star systems with story and immersion, the game currently features 200,000+ solar systems and millions of planets to discover.


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