Bunny bashPrepare for the bunnapocolypse with the release of DarkArts Studios’ Bunny Bash, an action-packed online multiplayer death-match arena game with cute, adorable, yet dangerous bunnies…

Dreams do come true! Or nightmares. A game about bunnies killing each other, what more can a guy want? I have been saying it for years bunnies are dangerous. Bunny Bash proves that bunnies can be dangerous and they have it in them to be psychopathic killers. The game is available on PC, Mac and Linux via Steam. The objective of the game is to pick your bunny and enter levels of bunny blitzing mayhem. Take on your friends or meet new people as you demolish them into piles of bunny-goo. The game offers 4 unique environmentally different worlds to play with seven challenging levels. Play quickly, or strategically, by selecting different gameplay modes, and prepare to stir up some fur. Your fluffy companion offers skin, fur and even “fluff” customizations, allowing you to tailor and perfect your very own bunny-stomping machine. Overcome obstacles and avoid traps as you hop yourself to victory against opponent players.

Bunny Bash is available on PC, Mac and Linux via steam, this Early Access download comes with a 10% discount off its regular USD $15.99 price tag for a limited period of time.

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