Burning BloodBandai Namco shares a look at One Piece Burning Blood’s Smoker and Sengoku’s movesets.

Bandai Namco recently debuted a series of new videos highlighting the different movesets of One Piece Burning Blood characters. The first batch of videos featured three of the original Straw Hat Pirates: Luffy (2 years ago), Zoro and Sanji. The second batch featured, three new videos featuring, Usopp, Nami and Tony Tony Chopper. The third wave included the three remaining members of the Straw Hat Crew: Franky, Robin, and Brook.

Now it’s time for Smoker and Sengoku. You’ll find their movesets below.


In this clip, Smoker fights Luffy, his constant adversary. Smoker pummels Luffy with plumes of smoke and uses his Plume-Plume Fruit powers to create jets of smoke that propel him through the air.


Here, Sengoku fights Ace against the backdrop of the Sea Forest stage. Sengoku’s Zoan Fruit powers allow him to transform into a huge golden Daibutsu (Buddha), who towers over Ace and strikes him with tremendous force.


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