Insomnia headerInSomnia’s prologue is available for download and it’s about time to get a good look at it!

Studio MONO’s InSomnia is a Dieselpunk RPG that transports you to a retro-futuristic space station on a 400- year journey in search of a new home. You’ll explore the world as a warrior—or hide in the shadows as an outcast. Perhaps you’ll be a charismatic leader—or maybe you’ll become an apex predator with bloodshot eyes and a thrill for the kill. Either way, you will have to muster the strength to survive in order to find out why mankind has embarked on such a risky journey through uncharted space. InSomnia offers an epic, non-linear storyline with many ‘points of no return’ (think of them as forks in the road) and deep, immersive gameplay. The fate of the space station’s many inhabitants will depend on your choices.

The story of InSomnia unfolds on a massive interstellar space ship, where the sole descendants of a once great civilization fled from a dying planet, engulfed by the flames of war. Object 6 has now been travelling for over four hundred years, hurtling towards its destination – the Evacuation Point. Supposedly a far-away world, the inhabitants of this gargantuan metal arc hope to begin the history of mankind anew.


Explore the various abandoned sectors of the station, and fight for your life; either on your own, or with the help of friendly companions. Follow your own path or join one of the many factions within the game, the choice is yours. As you explore, and familiarize yourself with the world of InSomnia, you will end up in the epicenter of a clash of mighty forces, learn the truth about what made the Nomah leave their home planet and will become the one who determines the result of the multi century-long journey of the space ark.

The game is well on it’s way to reach their Kickstarter goal and the folks over at Studio MONO have released a Prologue, which you can download for free. The InSomnia Prologue is an introduction, where you play as Typer – a possible future companion in the final build of the game. The story of this chapter takes place a few days before your main character finds themselves in a cryogenic chamber, contained within the Urb.  The Prologue Chapter introduces the player to the many mechanics of the final game. However, it’s still treated as alpha-version; there are still many aspects that will be changed in the future. Within the Prologue are elements that will teach you the prehistory of InSomnia and to get you familiar with the controls, the combat situations and to introduce you to the game’s world – Object 6.

First of all I think the setting is brilliant. The dark retro-futuristic steam punk environments really sucks you into the game and the game looks amazing in Unreal Engine 4. The combat involves hitting and parrying, strong attacks and normal attacks and uses a stamina bar. You can also perform a running attack and a lot of combo’s. It’s a lot deeper than some other RPG’s and that’s one aspect I liked most about this prologue. This advanced combo system is what makes the game more interesting on the long run. Your character will grow organically: The more you use a skill, the more it develops. When you like to equip yourself with a sword and slice your way through enemies you will become a master of the ‘one handed weapon’ skill. There are also skill points you can spend on a multitude of available skills, perks and abilities.

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The game features a deep scavenging and crafting system. However, we can’t be sure how this will work for the game in the long run, it’s a bit of a mystery at this moment. The game has many more interesting gameplay elements like; a multitude of bots, which you can hack. Once a bot is hacked it will fight for you or you can make it a lot weaker so your fight will be a lot easier. Npc’s that communicate trough text box pops up. The setting is drawn with text. Here is an example ‘You see a young woman in front of you in rather worn yet neat clothing. She carries herself with confidence, although she has trouble maintaining eye contact.’ ‘An awkward silence fills the air around you.’ All the talking involves reading text and replying with text. It works great for this game and I like it a lot. When you progress trough the game a braid like voice talks to you. It really gives the game a nice atmosphere. You’ll get more involved with the game and its story.


The first look at this game convinced me that this project can be amazing for RPG fans. Fans of the genre are going to get sucked into InSomnia for weeks and months, meybe even longer! However, there is still a lot of work to be done. The game could become much more than it it right now, but the studio would need our help to achieve this. You could support InSomnia on Kickstarter. The project has 24 days left to reach their £55,000 goal.

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