UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter  headerNaughty Dog, SIEA LLC, and Playspree have built UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter for you in secret and with love, for the past year. UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter is now available on iOS/Android.

UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter is an original action-puzzle adventure for your mobile phone and tablet. Underneath the irreverent wit and original style of Nate’s first mobile outing lies a crafted, brain-punching puzzle experience. Nathan Drake and Sully are everything you remember and nothing like what you’ve seen before. For nearly a decade, the UNCHARTED franchise has defined the standard by which creators bring their imagination to life on PlayStation and Naughty Dog have continued to push that standard higher. They now offer you an unexpected take on Nathan Drake that you could fall in love with all over again! The aesthetic may be new, but underneath Nate’s low-poly skin is a playful, yet witty, homage to how we first met him many years ago.

UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter 4

The game offers over 200 levels of smart, strategic survival across four deadly environments and six unique adventures. You can play for a few minutes at a time, for months to come. Each adventure also adds an element to the challenge — from rotating dart traps to pushable blocks to paths that turn to rubble under your feet.

UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter 3

You can earn six vanity items, and also partner with Sully to harvest one-time boosters and extra multiplayer relics while you’re away from the PlayStation. Find all of the treasures in UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter and you’ll get this Naughty Dog Top Hat to prove it.

UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter 2

While optional in-app purchases can be used to supplement your mastery or vanity, the rewards in UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter is free to download, and the rewards can be earned for free by playing. That said, Nate might look good in a move-enhancing Mo-Cap suit, don’t you think?!

UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter

UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter is available right now in the App Store and on Google Play.

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  • Kevin van Dongen1

    May 9, 2016

    Downloaded it. Played it. Loved it! Waiting for Uncharted 4 to drop so I can continue with the Nathan Drake hype.


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