Ara fell headerStegosoft Games’ Ara Fell is releasing on Steam and Itch.io on June 2nd, 2016!

Ara Fell is a 16-bit era, Japanese-style roleplaying game set in a magical world floating above the clouds. The game is developed by Stegosoft Games, a small independent video game studio that focuses on 16-bit era RPGs. The studio was originally formed with the intention of producing and releasing Operation: PROPHET and the Frost game development engine. O:P was a side-scrolling space shoot’em up with dynamic mission design, and an emphasis on collecting artifacts for research. The game was being developed alongsode the Frost engine, which was meant to combine the ease of use of some game development engines with the power of others. Unfortunately, this was far too ambitious a project for their 3-person team. The project was abandoned. A day later, they decided to start work on Ara Fell.

“Long, long ago, the elven sorcerers cast a spell to save the floating world of Ara Fell from destruction. Instead, they doomed it to fall from the sky. By chance, the fate of the world has been placed in the hands of a young woman.”

Ara Fell combines the best parts of Japanese-style roleplaying games with the best parts of western RPGs, as well as including elements of visual novels and adventure games to create a truly unique experience. Atmosphere, emotion and surprise lie at the forefront of Ara Fell’s story, driven by deep and accessible characters, each with his or her own past, their own desires and their own motivations for joining Lita’s quest. Relive the golden age of the RPG with a game that both pays homage to the past greats, and blazes its own trail.


  • Exploration – Ara Fell is a world meant to be explored! Jump, crawl, swim and even fly through the air to solve puzzles and discover new locations filled with hidden treasure, secrets and adventure! Every corner of Ara Fell is designed with exploration in mind.
  • Open World – Most of the world can be reached from the moment you leave Aloria Village, the heroine’s home town… provided, of course, you’re strong enough. A clever adventurer may may be able unlock secrets and discover powerful equipment early in the game if he or she commits to taking advantage of the open nature of the game world.
  • Tactical Combat – Ara Fell may be a story-heavy game, but the world is still fraught with danger. Choose specialized equipment and statistics, customizing each character to best suit your play style, and to best thwart each boss battle’s unique mechanics.
  • Character Driven – When you join Ara Fell’s unwitting heroine on her quest to save her homeland, you’ll discover a world filled with vibrant characters who laugh, cry, crack jokes, lose their tempers, and even lose their will to go on as the size and scope of the curse that plagues Ara Fell becomes apparent. Friends and villains alike are not who they seem as the stakes grow ever higher…

Ara Fell will release on Steam and Itch.io on June 2nd, 2016.

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