UnchartedNolan North and Troy Baker look back at 10 years of Uncharted, and discuss how they crafted their characters.

Its finally happening, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is releasing today! To celebrate 10 years of Uncharted – and 10 years of Nolan North’s excellent performance as Nathan Drake- Playstation has released this brand new video of 2 of this generation’s most brilliant voice actors,  Nolan North (Nathan Drake from Uncharted) and Troy Baker (Joel from The Last of Us) .

Earlier this month Playstation caught up with Nolan North and Troy Baker – the actors responsible for bringing Nathan Drake and his brother Sam to life. Watch the video below to witness them discuss 10 years of Uncharted, how they approached their respective characters and – for Nolan especially – what a huge impact the series has had on their lives.

As a bonus here’s a game of Drake or Drake? Where Troy Baker takes Nolan North’s Uncharted quote quiz. Who said it? Action hero Nathan Drake or rap star Drake?



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