Shiness HeaderEnigami Studio has released some brand new and beatiful screens for their upcoming RPG, Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom.

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom, the Action-RPG developed by Enigami Studio shows off some new and gorgeous screens presenting the world of Mahera. Shiness promises to surprise us with beautiful vistas and varied atmospheres. looking at the below screens they’re on their way to deliver a unique game with stunning looks.

Travelling in the game is centered on the Meonis Plains, linking the world together. The area is massive in scale and fighting and exploring throughout the land will take you through towns and villages for quests, open plains, and of course, puzzles and dungeons. One key place in the plains is Shjue Village. Here, players can locate the mount vendor and purchase an Amos beast. These friendly-looking creatures help Chado and his friends travel the plains to quickly get from place to place. Your adventure will lead your group to immense locations like the mysterious Train Station. This area is not only technologically superior to the neighboring settlements, but also militarized… you never know if you will be welcome or not to the places you visit, so stay on your guard!

Explore and fight in the world of Mahera as Chado and his allies in Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom. Coming 2016.


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