Kick ass and regain control in Housemarque’s biggest, most colorful, and awesomely action packed game to date. Gather your friends and eliminate the Alien threat with extreme firepower and badass neon-explosions.

 I have been a longtime fan of Housemarque’s work and they’ve become one of my favorite developers ever since they’ve created Super Stardust and Dead Nation – that game was just amazing and crazy. Then these brilliant minds released Resogun – which was a favorite of mine for a long, long time – the game dominated the Playstation 4 in its first year, and beyond. There weren’t many good games in the consoles first year and Resogun was basically al you needed to survive until Sony dropped some cool exclusives. It wasn’t that difficult to be hyped for Alienation as it looked like an amazing game and could’ve easily been Resogun and Dead Nation’s lovechild. Alienation is a combination of Dead Nation’s crazy Twin Stick Shooter action combined with the colorful looks and amazing sounds of Resogun.

In Alienation you’re mankind’s last hope. Aliens have taken over and mankind could be on the brink of extinction. You will travel the globe to defeat waves of bad guys, on your own or with up to three other players. Luckily, some amazing scientist have put together these awesome suits and you can pick one of three classes, each with individual attacks and abilities – the Tank, the Bio-Specialist and the Saboteur. Once you’ve picked one of the classes you can’t change mid-campaign and the game forces you to start again from scratch. It’s your job to eliminate the Alien threat while looking good and causing as much chaos as possible.

The game plays like it should and is easily one of the more fluid playing Twin Stick Shooters I’ve played in my life. The controls work like the should and Housemarque has added some RPG-lite elements to the game. They’ve added a brand new loot system which will drop upgrades and weapons whenever you kill enemies. You’ll start with decent weapons and these will soon be overpowered by nearly any weapon you can find in the game. Each weapon has a specific rarity and level and most of them can be upgraded with cores you can find on the battlefield. There are a ton of weapons in the game, but unfortunately these all play and feel the same – they just dish out a bit more damage. Your character will gain experience with every baddy you’ll eliminate and will level-up if you’ve gained enough experience. This will earn you some ability points, which can be used on active and passive abilities. Each character has their own unique abilities and by upgrading these they will increase their effect and decrease their cooldown time.

Alienation feels like a spiritual successor to Dead Nation and has much improved upon its predecessor. The minute-to-minute action is awesomely amazing and destroying aliens and the game’s multitude of overly-powerful bosses has never been so much fun. The game looks amazing when you cause chaos and there’s always a big gorgeous looking neon-explosion waiting to happen. The RPG-lite elements are a welcome new addition and makes the whole experience a whole lot more worth experiencing. But, even though Alienation’s gameplay and looks are superior to the genres competition in each and every way it’s hard to neglect the fact that we’ve seen it all before. Alienation comes with a forgettable story set in a bland and unimaginative setting filled with a multitude of generic aliens. It’s still a highly enjoyable game which is worthy of your time and money, but I’ve come to expect more from Housemarque.

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