valkyria chronicles Remasterd soundtrackBasiscape Records releases Hitoshi Sakimoto’s riveting and emotional orchestral soundtrack to the original Valkyria Chronicles to audiences around the globe for the first time ever.

The two-disc Valkyria Chronicles Original Soundtrack has been meticulously remastered and is now available on iTunes worldwide! The soundtrack contains 52 songs and was initially released alongside the game, but was never published outside of Japan, until now. Thank god!

Listeners will relive their favorite moments from this gorgeous and captivating masterpiece with decisive military marches, tender ballads, and the stunning Japanese vocal ballad, “Succeeded Wish” performed by vocalist and voice actress Megumi Toyoguchi. A piano solo version of “Succeeded Wish” is also included as a bonus.

valkyria chronicles Remasterd soundtrack



“When we first started out, the development team for Valkyria Chronicles was quite small, but full of hot-blooded members with a keen fighting spirit,” reflects Sakimoto. “We really wanted to show what Japanese game developers could accomplish. While the team of course expanded over the course of development, I believe we were able to retain that love and passion until the very end. Welkin and Alicia really embody this spirit of determination. Wouldn’t we all like to love and live as strongly as they do? I see this soundtrack as a page from my youth, and I hope it resonates with fans of the game.”

Valkyria Chronicles Original Soundtrack’s composer Hitoshi Sakimoto started his career in the underground videogame making communities in Japan where he often developed his own software to write music, Hitoshi Sakimoto has gone on to establish his signature sound that has earned him worldwide recognition as one of the top composers working in videogames.

After working in-house with Squaresoft and Square Enix earlier in his career on titles including Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII, he went on to found Basiscape Co., LTD, a full-service audio team that has worked on a number of titles, from Muramasa and Odin’s Sphere to arrangement albums for Etrian Odyssey and the Mega Man series. Sakimoto himself has scored titles as diverse as Gradius VBreath of Fire V: Dragon’s Quarter, and the Valkyrie Chronicles series.

The Remastered Valkyria Chronicles Original Soundtrack is available now on iTunes.

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