Tomorrow, Monday May 23th will mark the exciting beginning of our very first, Hot Pepper Brawl stream!

This special stream will include some stupid laughs and at least a mediocre level of Street Fighter V matches. Tune in tomorrow on our Twitch channel and see how 2 of our best and brightest take each other on in epic battle ,where the loser of each match has to eat a hot pepper!

The first episode will feature the game Street Fighter V, but the loser decides which game we’ll play next time. We’ll go live at 06:30 PM GMT and the stream will continue until all peppers are eaten, or one of the competitors forfeits.

The rules are simple:

  1. Each match will end with a loser, the loser has to eat a Hot Pepper. Best of 5 rounds.
  2. After 3 consecutive wins the winner has to eat a Hot Pepper.
  3. When you’ll lose a match with 0-3 you’ll get a bonus Hot pepper.
  4. There are 3 kinds of peppers. You’ll have to eat at least one of each.
  5. Each contender has acces to 2L of Milk, 1,5L Water, and a special drink. Special drink needs to be finished.
  6. Each player has 3 time-outs (2min each) which can be used in full or as a half (1min).
  7. After a Pepper has been eaten the player has to continue playing within 30 seconds.
  8. Loser may change character, Winner can change if loser agrees.
  9. Hot Peppers need to be eaten whole, and stay inside the mouth at all times.
  10. Bonus rules can be made up on the go.

Tune in tomorrow at our Twitch channel at06:30 PM GMT for the first episode of Hot Pepper Brawl!

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