LEGO Star Wars the Force Awakens is the latest game and we give you a quick preview plus we had a nice time interviewing mr. Graham Goring, lead story designer at TT Games.

It was no surprise when TT Games confirmed that, 11 years after the release of the original LEGO Star Wars, the developer was once again heading to a galaxy far, far away with its take on the seventh movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens will of course let you play through most of the film (including that impressive Millennium Falcon sequence in the skies of Jakku), but it’ll also have seven new levels that expand on the events in the movie. Some examples confirmed in the game’s new trailer include a level about Han Solo and Chewie capturing those octopus-like Rathtars, some more backstory on Lor San Tekka (the Obi-Wan-like man at the beginning of the film), and a level following the adventures of everyone’s favorite new pilot, Poe Dameron. No word on whether these levels are being considered as official canon, but given the light tone of the LEGO games, it’s likely safe to say they won’t be.

There are some new features making their debut here, including blaster battles (where light cover mechanics are introduced in certain blaster-heavy sections of the game), full 360-degree aerial/space battles, and choices when it comes to building LEGO structures called multi-builds. Those choices, however, don’t seem to have a huge impact on what happens within the game , but offer different choices that produce the same result in getting puzzles solved.

Besides all of this info on the game and its mechanics, we asked lead story designer Graham Goring some questions about this project.

  1. Q: Did you feel any pressure to deliver a quality story/ game, since this ís Star Wars you know.
    A: A lot of pressure, and not just because it’s a Lucas/ Disney production but mainly because you don’t want to be the guy that messes up a Star Wars story. I’m a big fan myself and remember seeing Star Wars for the first time in the cinema with my dad, it was a huge experience. So delivering on such a big title is probably the most important thing I’ve done in my career. I think we pulled it off with the team, but well see what the fans think once it hits the shelves.
  1. Q: What is your favorite character in this LEGO Star Wars game?
    A: It’s got to be Han Solo, he is probably the coolest guy in the universe [smiling] but also BB-8 who has captured the hearts of the audience is a favorite of mine. Especially if you realize he is only a sphere with a thing on top, which still is so charismatic and adds a lot of character to the movie.
  1. Q: The trailer shows more story of Lor San Tekka, how did you acquire this material and did you agree with Lucas/ Disney to do this for ep. 8 and 9 as well?
    A: Lucasarts came to us with a lot of small pieces of backstory that wasn’t in the movie. Such as how did Lor San Tekka obtain his piece of the map to Luke Skywalker of how did Han and Chewie capture those Rathtars? And then we would make cut-scenes out of it and show it to the Lucas guys and they would let us know if we had to tweak it a little. So it really was a nice collaboration with Lucasarts to get the backstory into LEGO SW TFA and make its story even bigger.
  1. Q: How was the transition from Jurassic World to Dimensions to Star Wars?
    A: O not difficult at all. I have been working on Dimensions, Jurassic and Ninjago at the same time so I didn’t have to switch between the different game types/ styles that much. The process is somewhat the same so I keep doing my thing J
  1. Q: Will there be crossover Star Wars packs for LEGO Dimensions?
    A: No plans for LEGO SW TFA packs for Dimensions so far.
  1. Q: Knowing the script for the Force Awakens (and probably for ep. 8 & 9 as well), do you still enjoy the feature films when they release in cinema’s?
    A: Most definitely, some team members didn’t want to know anything when they were working on specific cut scenes and just keep it simple like just creating Chewie on a hoverboard. But the first time I saw the movie was in a cinema with regular Star Wars fans and I had a blast.
  1. Q: Now that you have worked on Disney property, does that mean we can expect Disney and Pixar movie LEGO games to?
    A: I honestly don’t know but it seems like a brilliant idea to me. Disney has a vast and very loved canon of stories, so yeah off course it would be awesome to bring those into the LEGO world.
  1. Q: Do you see a future for the LEGO game franchise in the upcoming VR market?
    A: We have no plans for VR yet. Some guys at the office got themselves an Oculus and I think I’m going to get myself a VR set as well.
    The VR has potential and there already are some great ideas out the so if we feel it will add gameplay value to a LEGO game we will incorporate new tech in our games.
  1. Q: With the upcoming Rogue One movie, will this be dlc for LEGO Force Awakens?
    A: We cannot discuss dlc at the moment [Right? Nope!] but I can assure you that the planned dlc will be worth the wait!
  2. Q: GameGeekz and Graham Goring; we have the same initials isn’t that an awesome coincidence?
    A: You’re damn right it is; best gaming website on the planet (don’t tell IGN)! 😉


LEGO Star Wars the Force Awakens will release on June 28th and a demo is live for you to try, starting today!

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