minecraftI just can’t stand Minecraft, even after spending a few hours digging holes in the ground and waiting for something amazing to happen. Nothing happened and I just started to hate the game.

This hatred towards the game made me believe that there’s no joy in the game. I literally can’t understand why people would like to play this huge pile of shit they call a game. I want to find out if awesome things are possible in Minecraft. Yes some of you might think that the things available in the game are awesome. But I despise the whole game and think it sucks. So please Minecraft community give it your best shot and try to convince me that Minecraft isn’t a waste of space. Convince me that I wouldn’t be more productive taking a shit or, furiously masturbate.

Each week I will post a new video and hopefully some lucky bastards manage to pull of one of the things on my awesome list. I will give them credits and showcase their build in the video, and maybe make fun of it. This weeks 5 awesome things you can’t do in Minecraft can be found in the video below.

Build a mech, let people fuck on a unicorn, build a nice car, fly into space, and most importantly do an awesome Metsu Shoryuken. Drop links to you content in the comments below, on Youtube comments, Facebook, or Twitter and the best of the worst will gain a spot in my next video.

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