When I begin to write a review, I usually have a few things in mind I’d like to highlight to the reader. Usually these are the things that define my experience, love or hate for a certain game. In the case of Breached however, I have none. This game is dull as hell and there’s nothing really interesting about it.

The premises of the game is as follows: you wake up in a spaceship, and you’re almost out of oxygen. You have to send drones to planets around the galaxy to scavenge supplies in order to fix your oxygen pump. And that’s pretty much it. I realize that I am a fan of story rich games and flat games like Breached usually don’t get the benefit of the doubt, however if there’s some sort of emotional connection or great atmosphere in the game, a flat story can be forgiven too.

Well, I was a fool to hope there was any. The game is heavy on text and not a single voice acting line has been recorded, which already makes it a click fest because you just want to get it over with. The worlds you have to explore all look like they are 50 feet apart from each other and just very generic and boring in general. There isn’t much to do in these worlds either. Even the music is absent in this game, there’s just some uninspired ambient noise included.

After a while I was wondering why I was playing this game in the first place, while there are so many other interesting titles recently released. It just felt like a waste of time because Breached doesn’t have anything special that makes it stand out.

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