I’m a huge fan of Koei Tecmo’s Warriors franchise and I wanted to try something different from the publisher. I recently picked up the Strategy game Romance of The Three Kingdoms XIII. Care to join me in my adventure in Feudal China?

I’d have to say I’m no huge fan of the genre and being a console player doesn’t help one bit when playing Strategy games. I usually don’t have the time and commitment to play these type of games and they always seem boring to me at first, but Romance of The Three Kingdoms XIII is based on the historical novel with the same name, which is an amazing setting for any type of game. I’ve always been attracted to feudal Chinese and Feudal Japanese settings – I must have been a warlord or Samurai in my previous life – and I just had to try the game even though i went in knowing i would suck at it big time and frustration was waiting for me around every small corner.
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Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13 promises “deep strategy and historically accurate warfare,” with city management, diplomacy, and “a wide selection of options for conflict resolution,” which is an another way of saying big armies composed of infantry, cavalry, artillery are at your disposal to fuck up the other kingdoms. You can play as one of 700 historical characters, or choose to create one of your own instead. Two game modes are supported: Campaign Mode, in which you’ll select a starting year and custom board options before setting out to conquer the world, and Hero Mode, an in-depth tutorial that also provides “an alternative way to relive the exciting lives and adventures of those heroes before proceeding to leave their own mark on history.”
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Koei Tecmo does an excellent job portraying this fictional feudal Chinese setting and the key figures that played a huge role in it . The characters are brought to life amazingly by the voice actors, but the static portraits and the multitude of text boxes made the game annoyingly boring pretty fast. What’s interesting at first quickly becomes click-fest to get to the next chapter and in doing so you’ll fuck yourself sideways because now you won’t know what you’re doing and what’s to come next. I got distracted easily and it took me a lot of effort too struggle trough the games 2 modes. More than one battle had to be replayed and even when I won I didn’t really know how I pulled it off.

Strategy games are and always will be an absolute nightmare to play on consoles, hoping this game would proof me wrong and be a one-of-a-kind exception to the rule was a huge mistake. The game in the series came out on the Nintendo so they had experience on console. unfortunately, the menu’s are absolutely horrible and left me more confused than I was before starting the game. There are just so many buttons to press and things you can do that it’s just one huge mess. So i just randomly picked shit to do, It’s safe to say I sucked at being a warlord.  knowing that there are a multitude of amazing strategy games available on pc Romance of the three kingdoms under delivers and you should really reconsider picking up this game.

However, if you’re a sucker for the game’s setting, like me. Or you are familiar with the series and want to give the game the benefit of the doubt keep in mind that you’re better of getting the pc version, which is something that I would have to admit with the utmost protest.

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