Never before did a game have such strong roots in our society. While I’m typing this, it has been a matter of hours after the Turkish coup d’état. Riots on the streets. Death and destruction. Who would have thought that a game in which the core gameplay element is rioting, could have been such a joy to play?

Tell me, have you ever heard of the French developer Anarteam? Neither did I. So when I was given this game for review my expectations were very low. Especially since the last game I reviewed for GameGeekz (Breached) was such an utter mess. Well let me tell you this, Anarcute is probably one of the games that no gamer will notice, while it deserves to be another Firewatch.

When you fire this game up, it warns you it’s better played with a controller. Do not ignore this warning because it’s true. I know real PC gamers will start laughing now, but because of the top-down view the camera is much better controller with a controller then with E and Q. In addition, all the keys and some combinations are much easier to hit and execute.

Anarcute is described by its developer as “the cutest riotsimulater ever”. Yes there will be strength in numbers, there are various puzzles to solve, achievements to unlock but no, there’s no blood or death in this game. All this with cheerful enjoyable music. Gameplay is really fluent and you will get the hang of it in no time, which makes the game easy to pick up. I found it most enjoyable for to play just a few rounds, it’s not a game I could play hours on end. It’s too repetitive for that. The game has a steep learning curve but you will easily manage. It has also bossfights, which is always a plus in my book.

Not expect a graphical amazing game. Nonetheless, the graphics for a game like this are not bad. The art style is very fitting and simplistic but really adds to the atmosphere in the game. The game does not feature spoken dialogue but the short animated cutscenes make the “story” of the game clear enough. An evil brainwasher with his brainwash patrol has invaded the land. You’ll have to riot them out.

You can finish the game in a few hours which is more than enough for this type of gameplay and the price it’s for sale on right now (13,49 EUR). Go play it, you will not regret it.

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