Metrico +Metrico+ comes to Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC August 23, containing over 40 new puzzles utilizing new gameplay mechanics.

Digital Dreams is bringing the PS Vita title to the big screen as a remastered and reworked game called, Metrico+. The only reason why this new version is not called “Metrico 2” is that several puzzles of the original are still in the new version. However, there is so much new content and other new features in the game that Digital Dreams, felt this latest iteration is an entirely new game altogether.

The studio made a new trailer that shows all the different worlds that you can explore in Metrico+, check it out below:

The world of Metrico completely reimagined!

The reimagining of the game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC has been a lot more difficult than the studio had anticipated. they knew it was never going to be easy to bring Metrico to the big screen, because it used so many of the hardware features of the PlayStation Vita. Digital Dreams had to come up with entirely new game mechanics and puzzles. Also, they felt like they had to add a lot to the game to make it work on a big screen, and they also wanted to try and get even more out of the world of Metrico.

Therefore, they have chosen to improve Metrico and added lots of new features. The world look way prettier for the big screen, new trophies and a speed run mode are added. There are new and special character animations, an entirely new story in the game, the music has been revised by Palmbomen and – most important of all – Metrico+ contains over 40 new puzzles utilizing new gameplay mechanics.

The studio promises that even if you’ve played the original Metrico, you will feel like you’re playing a different game when you play the new and improved Metrico.

Discount for owners of the original Metrico

The game will be available in the PlayStation Store on the 23rd of August for €13,99.

Owners of the original Metrico for PlayStation Vita can buy the PS4 version with a 50% discount!


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