AbzûIn this hectic world where we lead such busy lives, a moment of relaxation and clarity is most welcome and Abzû for PS4 and PC brings just that. From the creative minds of Flower and Journey comes this gem you should definitely give a play through!

Abzû ~ Ab (water) zû (knowledge) for centuries this is synonymous for “Ocean of wisdom” and the game looks and play just like that. Matt Nava who is the big chief at Giant Squid Studio has previously worked as art director on both Flower and Journey, and his influence is quite obvious. Gorgeous visuals, easy controls and an emotional soundtrack give this game a perfect score for its presentation.

You explore coral reefs, the deep ocean and flooded ruins of an ancient civilisation. The controls and objective of the game are self explanatory and easy to master. To give us more of a challenge and prolong the gameplay Abzû could use more of a difficulty setting but the easy of playing enhances the relaxing aspect of the game. The visuals are stunning and even the behaviour of the fish is modelled so you will see them group or eat each other like they would in real life. The music is relaxing or exciting at the right moment and comes from the hands of Austin Wintory, who also worked on Flower and even was the first to be Grammy nominated for a video game soundtrack for Journey.

Story wise it’s a tale of machines vs. the serenity of nature and we are helping our marine friends overcome this threat. It isn’t really clear as to how history unfolded before we start our adventure, but it leaves room for your own imagination which works out quite good for me. The game gives you all the freedom in the world to explore, play and just have fun with your character and creatures, but after completion I am missing the stats on how I performed. This is not the goal of the game, but still I would like the satisfaction of seeing/ showing how well I performed.

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